NSF -65°C 3.2 cu ft Tuna fish seafood Sashimi freezer -65W100


  • Model: 795787889145
  • 100% NEW IN THE BOX
  • Retail Price: $2,950

  • Labor warranty

  • Shipping Dimension: 18*16*19
  • Shipping Weight: 22
  • Business Address ( NOT INDOOR )
  • 2 or 6 Years Warranty


If you have any questions? see if you can find them from here.

can you email me a quote or please call i need to purchase today.. we are tax exempt.. thanks kay 334-670-5491 ( and***@troymedicalcenter.co )


2022-09-30 08:48:38

Does this press machine work on plant leaves as I have an essential plant oil company and wanted to use this press to explore new products? ( dpe***@gmail.com )

For nuts and seeds

2021-06-10 16:16:06

Is this a cold press machine or is it hot? What does the labor warranty cover? ( roseo*****@gmail.com )

hot labor warranty cover item part and labor

2021-05-12 11:29:44

I would like more information and technical specifications . Can I collect oil from nuts on this machine ? Please, call on Tuesday, afternoon after 15:30 PM MST. Really interest to purchase one of your machines , but I need more detail and info. Washington Sauerbronn Chef of Cuisine ( wilma*****@gmail.com )

Hello, a representative will get in touch with you to further assist you.

2021-02-14 22:30:13

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