NSF Reach In Two Door Refrigerator SS interior C55R

NSF Reach In Two Door Refrigerator SS interior C55R
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Shipping Options

  • For under 50 miles, CA $125, NJ & NY $200
  • For a range of 51 to 65 miles, CA $169, NJ & NY $244
  • For a range of 66 to 85 miles, CA $219, NJ & NY $294
  • For a range of 86 to 125 miles, CA $281, NJ & NY $356
1. Same-day, next-day, and third-day delivery are available.
2. The prices are for ONE-TIME transportation using a 26FT truck, please contact our sales for more details.
Pick up + $0.00
Delivery + $450.00
Labor Warranty Options
Do not need labor warranty + $0.00
One year labor warranty + $174.00
Two years labor warranty + $238.00
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Questions & Answers
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Is this unit c55r stainless steel inside and out ?
[Post by debbiean********4@gmail.com ]
[Answered on Thursday, 09/07/2023]
We just received our c55r and it’s working good. the fans run constantly even when compressor is off. we are wondering if this is normal and if so is there a setting to have the fans only run when the compressor or defrost mode is on? fyi-swapped the 4 inch wheels for 3” and it fit no problem through a standard 36 x 80” door. thanks
[Post by james.e.********3@gmail.com ]
Sales will contact you.
[Answered on Thursday, 08/31/2023]
Hi, in the video for this unit (c55r) he measures an overall height of 79” but the specs say 80 3/8, i’m hoping it’s as measured in the video at 79” can you confirm overall height? any problem delivering this curbside to residence at 99353 zip code? email reply is preferred, thanks
[Post by james.e.********3@gmail.com ]
Any questions please contact me 315-920-1589 roy
[Answered on Wednesday, 08/16/2023]
How long would shipping take to 18350
[Post by amadeo******a@ptd.net ]
Around 2 weeks
[Answered on Tuesday, 07/25/2023]
What’s the interior dimensions? do you have a “ roll in rack “ refrigerator?
[Post by hotpie******1@gmail.com. ]
49.5"w-25"d-48"h sorry we don't have a roll in rack fridge.
[Answered on Wednesday, 07/19/2023]
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