Clearance 15L Slush Margarita Frozen Drink Maker 21040801


  • Model: 795787885253
  • 100% NEW IN THE BOX
  • Retail Price: $490

  • Styles

  • Labor warranty

  • Shipping Dimension: --
  • Shipping Weight: --
  • Business Address ( NOT INDOOR )
  • 2 or 6 Years Warranty


If you have any questions? see if you can find them from here.

The vacuum pack sealer instructions are in Korean do you have English equivalents you could email me. Also my phone number is 530-362-0444 and your phone number entry window is really messed up. Put in numbers it rearranges the numbers. ( Ch** )

we will translate and upload the manual to the website shortly. Thank you

2021-04-01 09:55:38

Hi, im interested in the vacuum and want to verify how much shipping it would cost? ( krist***** )

Hello. a rep will get in touch to give you shipping quote.

2021-02-22 08:47:30

What is the extent of the damage? Is it guaranteed to be usable? Is it available still, and price including shipping to new York state ( Cfc*** )

It is a new item, just minor cosmetic damages caused during shipment

2021-02-22 08:47:02

Do the doors seal properly. With the damage. I'm in need of large commercial freezer and a small commercial fridge but don't have big budget. Call me please need asap. ( jeff**** )

Hello, someone will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you.

2020-09-04 08:42:34

Is this unit damaged? It is hard to tell in pic ( @Anonymous )

Yes this unit is on clearance so it is a bit damaged. Thank you.

2020-08-21 09:11:38

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It is new item and real photos,but Scratches and dent by shipping。Working is good ,We make box for shipping

Shipping costs about $100-400, pay directly to the shipping company or You can make your own shipping label for pick up 

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