NSF Ice Cream Machine

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Hi I have several questions: 1) I cannot see the NSF sticker, would you please tell me where is the NSF sticker? 2) Does this machine make yogurt too? Or Ice-Cream only? 3) Is this machine has standby button, so we can leave the mixed product inside the Mixed Pan at night? Thanks for your help and have a nice day! ( Cindy )

The NSF sticker is in the back of the machine. Yes, the machine makes yogurt. You need to clean it every night.

2017-11-17 11:54:59

Hi, I have an ice cream shop I am interested, My question is 1-is it water cooled or air cooled 2-what kind of warranty for it 3- Dose the machine have parts if needed 4- is it single phase or 3 phase . Please contact me , thanks. ( Joe )

1. It is air cooled. 2. One year warranty for the parts, 2 years warranty for the compressor. 4. Yes, it has parts for warranty. 4. It is single phase.

2017-08-29 15:53:01

I am interested in this ice cream machine, I want to build a concession trailer to go to fairs and such. I would like more info is there anyplace in Indiana where I can go to see a machine and learn more about it? Contact me by e-mail at tucker88@comcast.net ( Calvin Higdon )

We do not have the location in Indiana, our warehouse is located in California. If you want to see the machine, I can take the video and send to you.

2017-08-11 16:16:49



Power: 120V/60/1
Capacity: 40 Quarts/hr; 470 Cups/hr
First Dispensing: 11 - 15 Minutes
Compressor: Embraco, 3,700 BTU/hr
New Control System Available


Electrical  One dedicated electrical connection is required. Check with local  electrician for cord and receptacle specifications if 50 Hz Equipment is desired.  
Beater Motor  One 1.5 HP   
Refrigeration System One, 3,700 BTU/hr Embraco compressor (nominal rating). R404a. Hopper Cooling, One, 400 BTU/hr. R134a.  (Actual BTUs will vary based on application.)   Air Cooled  Minimum Clearance: 6” (152 mm) on left, right, and rear.  Minimum air clearances must be met to assure adequate air flow for optimum     
Options   Cone Dispense


Weight lbs. kgs. Net 363 165 Total 528 240 Dimensions in. mm. Width 21.9 555 Depth 28.9 735 Height 58.1 1,475 
Electrical Maximum Fuze Size 
Minimum Ampacity 
Poles(P) Wires(W) 115/60/1 35 25 2P 3W 
These specifications are subject to change without notice as further research and development efforts continuously improve the model.