Trompo Gyros Shawarma Tacos Al Pastor Griddle Cooker 1R1W


  • Model: 730333698949
  • 100% NEW IN THE BOX
  • Product Price: $1,290

    Including Delivery Total: $1,290

  • Labor warranty

  • Shipping Dimension: 70*32*46
  • Shipping Weight: 302
  • Business Address ( NOT INDOOR )
  • 2 or 6 Years Warranty


If you have any questions? see if you can find them from here.

Is there an option to add a motor for the trompo to spin? ( gga*** )

no we dont have this service

2021-08-20 12:22:47

nesecito información ( los*** )

Hola, Alguien se contactara para asistirlo

2021-08-09 09:54:47

This listing says 64" however the video says 66". You have a 64" a 65" and a 66" on the website but they all share the same model number. Which is the actual length? 64" is what I need, but unfortunately 66" is too long. ( @Anonymous )

Hi, the actual measurement for the taco cart is 66 inches

2018-12-05 15:13:43

Hello, would like to purchase this piece however, can this unit run off of natural gas instead of propane, and if so what would be required? ( @Anonymous )

Hi, Yes. these taco carts can be used for either natural gas or propane.

2018-11-29 15:27:50

What does NSF mean? You can't use it in a food truck? ( John**** )

no nsf

2018-11-16 15:41:25

Hi quys, very nice product you have. Can you tell me if you have anything NSF, certified? ( @Anonymous )

we do not have any NSF taco carts

2018-09-10 15:43:45

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