41L x 16W x 7'D color scrolling led sign programmable Intdo

41L x 16W x 7'D color scrolling led sign programmable Intdo
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41"W x 16"H 7 color scrolling led sign programmable outdoor   Android download http://www.x...
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  • For under 50 miles, CA $125, NJ & NY $200
  • For a range of 51 to 65 miles, CA $169, NJ & NY $244
  • For a range of 66 to 85 miles, CA $219, NJ & NY $294
  • For a range of 86 to 125 miles, CA $281, NJ & NY $356
1. Same-day, next-day, and third-day delivery are available.
2. The prices are for ONE-TIME transportation using a 26FT truck, please contact our sales for more details.
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Delivery + $150.00
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Two years labor warranty + $39.00
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Questions & Answers
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I need information give me a call please thanks
[Post by topclass********7@gmail.com ]
Will do
[Answered on Friday, 07/07/2023]
Here is the order number: Order #: 20230123-93425 Thank you in advance for your response
[Post by claudiam********o@gmail.com ]
Hello, your sales representative has already contacted you, just waiting on your person to program it on his phone in English
[Answered on Tuesday, 02/21/2023]
Thank you for your response, but that thing about "choose channel #80, did not work neither" Also, as you mentioned I've tried to get in contact with the sales representative, no response yet. I bought this product, the app is not available in android, ok, I did it on iphone, it works, I have done everything, but it still does not work. I need a refund. What will be the process to return the merchandise and do the refund?. Thank you
[Post by claudiam********o@gmail.com ]
please contact your original sales rep or provide your order number here we can help.
[Answered on Tuesday, 02/21/2023]
Hi. I bought this product. Everything looked to be fine. But I've been struggling with the app. First, it is not available in Android, nontheless that descriptions says it is. Second, when trying on an Iphone it only appears in chinese. Third, I tried with another Iphone, could download it in English, the wifi connection could be done, it is easy to fill out the data, but at the moment of "send", does not work, it appears an error on the app, something related to an error #xxxx6. So, after many attemps, it does not work. I have to return this. What would be the process? or what would be the options? Thank you in advance
[Post by claudiam********o@gmail.com ]
need choose the right channel #80 ,and pls contact your sales representative for help~
[Answered on Wednesday, 02/15/2023]
I have received my product. Just need to know the link to download the app, or instructions. There was nothing about instructions inside the box. Thank you
[Post by claudiam********o@gmail.com ]
please check on the page you have view, its listed the details
[Answered on Monday, 02/06/2023]
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  • Conditions 100% NEW IN THE BOX
  • Shipping Dimension 44*20*7 inchs
  • Shipping Weight 42 lbs
  • Shipping By UPS or FedEx
  • Business Address NOT INDOOR
  • All Parts Warranty 2 OR 6 YEARS LIMITED WARRANTY

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