ICE MAKER 500 lb water-cooled Do not waste water

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Can you ship it to wisconsin and if you can if I gets damaged in shipping is it our responsibility or yours ( Matthew )

If you get damaged item, do not sign the shipping paper, the carrier will take the unit back.

2018-02-12 10:06:33

Hello, I just purchased the 500lb water cooled ice maker with the 300lb storage barrel. My question is what kind of warranty comes with this ice maker? Thanks, Brian ( Brian Bartlett )

1 year warranty on parts, 3 years warranty for compressor.

2017-12-15 14:00:11

It says that the barrel and the bin are not included. The barrel is the big thing next to it that allows you to recycle the water, right? If I understand right, the thing can work without the barrel, you'd just be wasting some water, right? But the bin is the thing that collects the ice. And the thing can't work without the bin, right? Do you guys sell the bin? And if so, would the $200 shipping cover the bin too, or would it be $400 shipping including the bin? Also, I'm in Florida. I'm guessing when it says "East $90" that would apply to me. ( Matt )

Yes we sell the storage bin for $700. The total shipping fee for the machine and the bin is $290.

2017-11-15 12:11:39

would like to pick up located in new jersey you can text above number 500 lb just ice maker 220 volt ( brian )

We are located in California, sorry we do not have location in New Jersey, but we can do delivery to NJ.

2017-11-08 16:27:59


commercial ice maker ice machine

 not including storage barrel and storage bin (storage bin is $700)

all item is brand new in the box 

 500 lb, water cool w24 * d 31 *h 65 ins   220v

(Do not waste water Including the cooling water recovery system)