60 Square Refrigerated refrigerator Bakery Display Case NSF RT5F

60 Square Refrigerated refrigerator Bakery Display Case NSF RT5F
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 stainless steel refrigerator bakery case deli case showcase Circulating air cooling   ...
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Questions & Answers
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Can the inclined shelves be changed to horizontal?
[Post by monica******5@gmail.com ]
can not
[Answered on Wednesday, 03/29/2023]
How bright is this light? I'd like to see a picture of the place with the lights on, do you have any?
[Post by 2836natur*********m@gmail.com ]
The light is very strong, you will be able to display your product nicely.
[Answered on Monday, 01/30/2023]
what is the weight?
[Post by @ ]
already send to your email
[Answered on Thursday, 11/29/2018]
Where can I buy replacement parts? Can’t find anything connected to Dexsun or your model #WB71. Please advise
[Post by @ ]
if you are our customer we will replace the parts for free under warranty.
[Answered on Tuesday, 05/15/2018]
How many ounces of refrigerant does this unit take?
[Post by @ ]
R134 refrigerant 13-18 PSI Low pressure 150-175 PSI High pressure
[Answered on Tuesday, 08/29/2017]
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  • Conditions 100% NEW IN THE BOX
  • Shipping Dimension 63*33*60 inchs
  • Shipping Weight 689 lbs
  • Business Address NOT INDOOR
  • All Parts Warranty 2 OR 6 YEARS LIMITED WARRANTY

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