3 inches Wheel for Stainless table

3 inches Wheel for Stainless table
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only four wheels
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Does the wheel order contain one wheel or four? thanks in advance.
[Post by ldyl****7@yahoo.com ]
4 wheels
[Answered on Saturday, 08/19/2023]
4 wheels for table or base What is the weight limit for the table?
[Post by @ ]
4 wheels for base or table weight limit is about 500-550 lbs. one of our reps will get in touch with you soon. thank you.
[Answered on Thursday, 11/29/2018]
Hot tall is the table with wheels and home much clearance under table.
[Post by @ ]
With wheels about 39 ins high.
[Answered on Thursday, 09/27/2018]
1) Can I get an extra shelf added under the table top? 2) 24 deep is too little but 30 deep is too big. Is there something in between those two depths?
[Post by lynn****e@sbcglobal.net ]
1. we don' t have extra self. 2. we only have those two depths.
[Answered on Tuesday, 09/18/2018]
We already ordered several stainless steel tables. Can we add the wheels onto the table legs, or do they replace the entire 4 legs for each table?
[Post by @ ]
You can just order the wheels and add to the table legs.
[Answered on Thursday, 06/07/2018]
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only four wheels

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