Restaurant Commercial Warmer 3

Restaurant Commercial Warmer 3
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 Restaurant Commercial Warmer  100% Brand NEW in the Box!.     warmer3 ,36*14*12 ins   thre...
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Shipping Options

  • For under 50 miles, CA $125, NJ & NY $200
  • For a range of 51 to 65 miles, CA $169, NJ & NY $244
  • For a range of 66 to 85 miles, CA $219, NJ & NY $294
  • For a range of 86 to 125 miles, CA $281, NJ & NY $356
1. Same-day, next-day, and third-day delivery are available.
2. The prices are for ONE-TIME transportation using a 26FT truck, please contact our sales for more details.
Pick up + $0.00
Shipping as together item + $0.00
Delivery + $300.00
Labor Warranty Options
Do not need labor warranty + $0.00
One year labor warranty + $27.00
Two years labor warranty + $47.00
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Questions & Answers
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Can this item safely sit on a laminate counter top while in use? also, how does one order the 3-tray warmer without the sneeze guard and what kind of savings would one get?
[Post by candl*****a@yahoo.com ]
It comes with sneeze guard, you can remove it.
[Answered on Monday, 01/29/2024]
Dont forget to call me
[Post by gius****9@hotmail.com ]
[Answered on Thursday, 07/16/2020]
Can you give me a better price. I used to buy equipments from you. My name is Giustina. I am manager from Stopn shop 8 street, and Giusi shop
[Post by gius****9@hotmail.com ]
sure , our sales will be touch with you asap
[Answered on Tuesday, 07/14/2020]
I sent some questions but I haven't receive any answer. Please send the email. thank you
[Post by gius****9@hotmail.com ]
[Answered on Wednesday, 07/08/2020]
is it coming with the pans? How many? what about the electricity?
[Post by gius****9@hotmail.com ]
[Answered on Tuesday, 07/07/2020]
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 Restaurant Commercial Warmer 

100% Brand NEW in the Box!.  


warmer3 ,36*14*12 ins   three plat

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  • Conditions 100% NEW IN THE BOX
  • Shipping Dimension 39*18*12 inchs
  • Shipping Weight 39 lbs
  • Business Address NOT INDOOR
  • All Parts Warranty 2 OR 6 YEARS LIMITED WARRANTY

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