Commercial Kitchen Faucet Restaurant Sink Sprayer Faucet PR-98R

Commercial Kitchen Faucet Restaurant Sink Sprayer Faucet PR-98R
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Questions & Answers
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Mine also leaks. Do you know what king of replacement valve fits?
[Post by pourri******1@gmail.com ]
we have for sale
[Answered on Tuesday, 01/10/2023]
do you have a repair kit for this faucet? I need new seats, it leaks
[Post by tnsve*****s@gmail.com ]
We dont
[Answered on Monday, 03/29/2021]
What is the mounting width (on center)?
[Post by the_be******e@aol.com ]
Mount on the main spout?
[Answered on Thursday, 02/11/2021]
Looks nice. What is the water flow rate or gallons per minute(GPM) and is the sprayer and faucet GPM the same ?
[Post by @ ]
will check and get back to u
[Answered on Sunday, 11/29/2020]
Does this fit the 72 inch double sink and do you any additional hardware to secure to the sink
[Post by @ ]
Yes it fit on all our sink products , for installations , you need your own tools
[Answered on Monday, 01/07/2019]
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