4 ft NSF Restaurant Hood And Exhaust Fan 08 HBS

4 ft NSF Restaurant Hood And Exhaust Fan 08 HBS
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Hood #0   4 ft =48 ins     4824 VX-2 - 4 ft 0" Long Exhaust-Only Wall Canopy Hood with Built-...
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Do you also sell the fire suppression option for the vent hood fans? thanks, jeff
[Post by j*r@watermanbrewing.com ]
No fire suppression system
[Answered on Tuesday, 12/19/2023]
Couple of questions, would you happen to have a smaller hood like a 36" and for either one do they come with any ducting for the exhaust set up. i am a new cafe and the health dept here is wacky, i love you have great prices on nsf stuff for us small guys just starting out. tks for your time
[Post by shaw****5@mail.com ]
The smallest one is 4 ft
[Answered on Wednesday, 10/11/2023]
Greetings- I’m opening an Indian Take out outlet in northern Virginia. Looking for a 14 Ft complete hood. My outlet is set to open in January, 2022. I was also interested in 6 by 10 walk in cooler, reach in freezer, high temp dishwasher, 3 compartment sink. I’m in the process of reaching out to different vendors for a decent price deal. Thanks
[Post by gusain******y@gmail.com ]
Just talked with u. will perpare for u .
[Answered on Tuesday, 08/09/2022]
I need a complete package Hood, exhaust fan, vent wrap insulation, etc 141 1/2 inches x 48 x 24 make up air ready and fire suppression system, curbs etc. Please let me know
[Post by @ ]
Hello, someone will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you.
[Answered on Friday, 06/19/2020]
do you have any self contained hoods
[Post by heatcoa*******y@aol.com ]
yes we do. someone will be in touch with you shortly.
[Answered on Friday, 10/04/2019]
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