NSF Commercial Blender CB-699

NSF Commercial Blender CB-699
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Motor Power 2200 W (3HP at peak)  120V Container Capacity 2L ( 2000cc )
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Hello, I was almost ready to purchase a Vitamix, not to interrupt the focus on your machine, but according to the functions this model offer it appears to be compared to a $500 Vitamix. Does your product last long and does the blender have very strong performance? I would like to see the product in action blending up vegetables and fruits if you could send me one. Also does this blender crush ice alone? What is your warranty? Thanks, Curious in Stafford Virginia ; )
[Post by coquian*******e@gmail.com ]
This unit is Manuel operation functions
[Answered on Friday, 06/10/2022]
Hello! We have 2 of those blenders but we are missing jars. I looked everywhere online to find some and it is not possible. I was wondering if you have a contact for the jars or if you sell the jars separately. Thank you
[Post by erika.******c@outlook.com ]
jar $100 https://www.coolerdepotusa.com/products/details/101434/NSF-Blender-CB-699-only-jar-2.0L
[Answered on Tuesday, 04/12/2022]
According to your descriptions, this does not meet the "Sanitation" level for ETL certification, and you mention nothing about NSF except in title. If its not NSF approved, as all 50 states require ETL Sanitation or NSF certification on equipment like this, why are you selling non commercial blender as NSF approved?
[Post by @ ]
Hello Mike this item is etl certified.
[Answered on Monday, 02/10/2020]
Hello. I am wondering if I can purchase additional glass containers for the CB-699? I want to have multiple in case my juice bar gets busy. I already purchased 2 of the blenders. Thanks!
[Post by juicela*******y@gmail.com ]
we don't have extra glass for sale.
[Answered on Thursday, 12/26/2019]
How smoothly does it blend? Has anyone used this blender before or is currently using it?
[Post by @ ]
very good , this item has beef sold since 2010.
[Answered on Tuesday, 06/11/2019]
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Motor Power 2200 W (3HP at peak)  120V

Container Capacity 2L ( 2000cc )

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