Commercial Juicer Extractor Machine UJC A3000

Commercial Juicer Extractor Machine UJC A3000
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I have Purchased the WF-A3000 Juicer. I opened the package and looked at the manual. However upon unlatching the Lid I find that it will not open so I tried this several times the Lid seems to be stuck. I need help. Ive followed all of the videos as well nothing seems to be working. I would like to exchange the New one that I have for another one or please tell me how to resolve this issue
[Post by nels****7@gmail.com ]
Call us
[Answered on Thursday, 03/09/2023]
Do you sell the latch and strike assembly to hold the top part in place
[Post by syria*****6@gmail.com ]
Hi we don’t
[Answered on Monday, 07/19/2021]
What are the R P M. Capacity, warranty
[Post by patrickra*********6@gmail.com ]
1 year warranty , 1500rpm
[Answered on Tuesday, 04/27/2021]
How many rpm s does this machine produce?
[Post by kevinse*******z@gmail.com ]
(626) 417-3090 (626) 771-5175 (626) 800-8109 (626) 771-5174 (626) 320-0106 (626) 800-7215 (626) 484-8223 (626) 665-1926 (626) 506-1381
[Answered on Monday, 03/08/2021]
Hello your juicer Commercial-Juicer-Extractor-Machine-UJC370E in the description you state it is NSF but in your pictures of the juicer NSF is not on the machine. So is this a typo in the description. My health dept will only approve NSF appliances that have it on the machine. Please let me know or show another picture with it on machine. Thanks and have a good one.
[Post by @ ]
This juicer is not NSF approved but here is a similar model from our website that is ETL listed and approved: https://www.coolerdepotusa.com/products/details/101268/NSF-Commercial-Juicer-Extractor-Machine-UJC750
[Answered on Thursday, 09/05/2019]
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