NSF 84 lb coolerdepot ice maker HZB-38F/A


  • Model: 795787891049
  • 100% NEW IN THE BOX
  • Product Price: $650

    Including Delivery Total: $650

  • Styles

    Together item


    Independent delivery


  • Labor warranty

  • Shipping Dimension: 15*15*26
  • Shipping Weight: 42
  • Delivery By UPS or Fedex
  • Business Address ( NOT INDOOR )
  • 2 or 6 Years Warranty


If you have any questions? see if you can find them from here.

we can't connect the water intake the tube will not stay in ( raymo*****@gmail.com )

please contact some water pump service to solve this problem

2021-07-20 16:47:09

https://www.coolerdepotusa.com/products/details/100932/NSF-84-lb-coolerdepot-ice-maker-HZB-38F/A how much ice does it store? ( j*@crowdengine.net )

about 17 lbs

2021-06-22 14:05:17

It was in the email with the pictures. ( ed**@yahoo.com )


2021-05-11 15:51:10

I have not received a response to this question. I called one of the numbers and one of your team members asked me to send pictures which I did on 5/6/2021but I've heard nothing back. Please advise. ( ed**@yahoo.com )

we lost one number from you phone number , cant contact you back

2021-05-11 10:30:09

I plugged in the unit and when I came in the next morning the ice tank was filled with both Ice and Water. I'm not sure why water was in the ice tank. I had the drain pipe connected to an adjacent sink drain but it doesn't appeared to have drained. It's a standard sink drain and the drain port is about 6-8 inches off the ground. The directions indicate "not to set the drain pipe too high" but no indication what that means. 2 questions: 1) why was there water in the ice bin? and 2) what is "too high"? ( ed**@yahoo.com )

Please call us with pictures ready to email so we can review the problems within your ice maker

2021-05-05 16:43:35

If I pour water in the top it works fine. If I hook up the waterline it does not make ice. Any ideas? Is there a setting that I need to change? The pressures on the waterlines are correct. ( Tcr***@yahoo.com )

Hello, a rep will get in touch to assist you.

2021-04-05 13:49:41

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