NSF 60 ins bakery refrigerator case ARC-471Y


  • Model: 795787891018
  • 100% NEW IN THE BOX
  • Retail Price: $1,990

  • Styles

  • Labor warranty

  • Shipping Dimension: 66*33*64
  • Shipping Weight: 669
  • Business Address ( NOT INDOOR )
  • 2 or 6 Years Warranty


If you have any questions? see if you can find them from here.

Does this unit have a drip pan or a drain line? ( gj**@outlook.com )

no this one dont have line but have a pan at bottom with heaters

2022-11-08 09:27:24

What's cu.ft? ( stat****@gmail.com )

16 cuft

2022-01-25 10:24:53

Hello I would like to know if the glass on this cooler condensates and OR fogs up? If it does, does it have a fan or some sort of glass heating or cooling system so that it doesn't condensate or fog up? It is very important to me as this will determine whether I purchase this unit. Thank you! ( zo**@gmail.com )

It has air flow fan at bottom to circling the cold air, No fog problems

2021-12-08 09:04:44

Hi, I’m interested in this case and I have the following question. I life in the Caribbean but I have a address in Miami to ship cargo to me, is that possible? Kind regards, Frank ( fb**@gmail.com )

Hello, yes that is possible.

2021-08-16 08:51:04

Do you offer discounts when buying more than one? Do you offer cut sheets? The YouTube videos were great. ( Crysta******@gmail.com )

we currently offering free shipping , the unit has cut sheet with the menu book inside the unit.

2021-08-04 08:19:19

I am interested in this unit and 2 three door freezers. Can someone contact me. ( Asian*****@gmail.com )

yes , will do

2021-02-17 13:46:42

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