Automatic Powder Racking Filling Machine PRF1

Automatic Powder Racking Filling Machine PRF1
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10~999G Automatic Powder Racking&Filling Machine Weigh Filler for Tea/Seed/Grain and Other Gr...
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Do you have any machines that will work for blending dry spices ? and for packaging them thank you
[Post by hotro*****3@yahoo.com ]
Just filling ,no packaging
[Answered on Friday, 12/15/2023]
Is this commercial grade?
[Post by ale***y@westriv.com ]
it doesn't have certificate
[Answered on Friday, 03/10/2023]
Do you have a detailed set of instructions for setting up and operating this equipment?
[Post by bradyj******r@gmail.com ]
come with the machine
[Answered on Thursday, 05/19/2022]
I saw the Video. Is this a Dry Herb Grinding Machine. I would like to mill my dry herb into a powder. Do you carry capsulation machines? Do you carry package sealing machines? Thanks!
[Post by graph*****e@gmail.com ]
Hello, yes we do. A representative will be in touch to better assist you.
[Answered on Monday, 04/04/2022]
Will this machine work for candy, like gummy worms?
[Post by gmoy****9@gmail.com ]
we don't know
[Answered on Tuesday, 01/11/2022]
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10~999G Automatic Powder Racking&Filling Machine Weigh Filler for

Tea/Seed/Grain and Other Granular Materials



(1) Automatic powder filling machine, rapid quantitative filling machine.
(2) You can pack particles, the largest particles can use peanuts.
(3) Fast, small error, high performance, can be filled, bags, easy to use.
(4) It can automatically weigh the packaging, suitable for more types of goods
(5) Can be set according to their own needs in the computer board to adjust the weight of packaging items.
(6) With the protection to prevent powder into the motherboard line, the service life is longer.
(7) It uses the foot switch to release material.


Type: MG-999g Computer smart powder filling machine
Operating voltage: 110V Only
Power: 180W
Speed: 10 to 15 times/minute
Range: 10~999g (It Can be adjusted freely)
Size: L*W*H(30*50*125cm) 11.8"*19.68"*48"
Accuracy: 2g(Depending on the material you're filling)
Machine material: Stainless steel
Net weight: 26Kg
Package weight: 38Kg(Standard wooden box)
Quality guarantee: 1 year

Application Fields:

It is widely used Granules, herbs, seeds, food, sesame, miscellaneous grains, wolfberry, rice, beans, electronic components, hardware, etc.

  • Conditions 100% NEW IN THE BOX
  • Shipping Dimension 22*15*38 inchs
  • Shipping Weight 75 lbs
  • Shipping By UPS or FedEx
  • Business Address NOT INDOOR
  • All Parts Warranty 2 OR 6 YEARS LIMITED WARRANTY

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