110v Commercial Food Processor Cutter Meat Slicer CT35

110v Commercial Food Processor Cutter Meat Slicer CT35
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https://youtu.be/mvAWzcU0ghM Including a blade 3.5mm
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Can the blades be taken out for cleaning?
[Post by hhon****n@gmail.com ]
Sales will contact you.
[Answered on Tuesday, 09/05/2023]
What thickness blade sets are available? 2.5mm, 5mm? What is the thickest meat can fit? 75mm? Thanks
[Post by mi**e@makillc.com ]
[Answered on Wednesday, 05/10/2023]
is this NSF? and what are the blade options? Can you put raw carrots thru?
[Post by redip*****c@gmail.com ]
No and yes
[Answered on Thursday, 02/09/2023]
Hello, I'm looking for a machine that dices ham; is this machine capable of? Thanks.
[Post by fmer****o@1-bite.com ]
yes it can
[Answered on Monday, 01/30/2023]
I need to Cut Beef small size for mexican Tacos. We use beef small cuts like squares would this machine works? With the 3.5 blade? Or 2.5?? With one it come with? Thanks
[Post by sinfoni*******1@gmail.com ]
yes it can
[Answered on Thursday, 10/20/2022]
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Including a blade 3.5mm

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