Vegetable Cutter Meat Slicer CT35 CT50 blade

Vegetable Cutter Meat Slicer CT35 CT50 blade
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Do you sell the machine?
[Post by ke**n@2d-restaurant.com ]
CT29 model number
[Answered on Tuesday, 11/23/2021]
Will the machine be able to cut shredded green onion like the picture below? https://images.app.goo.gl/V5LN1YoXLwj6QwtE7 Thank you
[Post by ke**n@2d-restaurant.com ]
This is only blade not machine
[Answered on Tuesday, 11/23/2021]
How much are the extra blades. How much if you buy the unit plus all extra blades? Veggie and meat cutter
[Post by @ ]
Hi dear customer for unit CT29 ,its $790 , the blander will $190 per set .
[Answered on Tuesday, 03/05/2019]
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