NSF 54 inch 2 Door Reach-in Commercial SS Freezer C55F

NSF 54 inch 2 Door Reach-in Commercial SS Freezer C55F
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What is height without the and can the wheels be removed and reinstall easily . what are the height if the wheels. nsf 54 in freezer
[Post by harmonant24***********h@gmail.com ]
77“ without wheels. removed and reinstall should be request help. with wheels is 80"
[Answered on Monday, 09/18/2023]
Thank you for speaking with me today. i have unpacked the freezers - modle c55f (2). i have discovered that they are 32 5/8 inches deep. my doorway is exactly 32 inches so i am going to have to take the doors off in order to get them into the church pantry. they look pretty simple to remove… no power and no water. but, is there any trick to taking the doors off with the spring loaded hinges? i am planning on using a tool to hold the hinge in place as i remove the screws but any suggestions that you may have would be greatly appreciated. many thanks.
[Post by wayne.******t@herberts.org ]
To remove refrigerator door:1.remove screws mounting hinge bracket to cabinet. hold bracket when removing last screw; door closer mechanism places mild spring tension onhinge. do not remove hinge bracket from door.2. loosen, but do not remove, bottom lower hinge bolt. remove top lower after removing the screws from the top hinge, lift the door off of the bottom pivot. you might require additional help to lift the door it may tend to be heavy.
[Answered on Wednesday, 09/06/2023]
Whats the diffrence between this reach in2 door and the other you aoffer?
[Post by los3compadres*************a@gmail.com ]
This is roy, cooler depot, i will help you with this product,any questions please contact me 315-920-1589
[Answered on Wednesday, 08/16/2023]
How cold will these freezers get?
[Post by ncs***t@gmail.com ]
0~-8°f according to the spec sheet.
[Answered on Thursday, 06/29/2023]
Is this a propane freezer? or have propane?
[Post by rajpat******5@gmail.com ]
[Answered on Thursday, 06/15/2023]
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