NSF 5 ins Commercial Hamburger Meat Press Machine HF130

NSF 5 ins Commercial Hamburger Meat Press Machine HF130
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on the manual hamburger press and you adjust the thickness of the burger
[Post by cimi****o@netsyne.net ]
u can press harder or adjust meat u put
[Answered on Wednesday, 01/25/2023]
Concerning your 5" Hawk brand hamburger press, is there adjustment to how much burger is used or is it setup to use a specific amount of ground hamburger? I ask this because most the similar units I've seen in this diameter (5") are designed to make 1/2 lb patties. I would like to make 6oz patties for my dining establishment however I fear that if I purchase this product it will not adequately press the patty down far enough because I would be using 6oz instead of 8oz. Thanks.
[Post by awlo****5@gmail.com ]
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[Answered on Tuesday, 03/15/2022]
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