220V 110V warmer steam table Well Heating element

220V 110V warmer steam table Well Heating element
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I bought the 3 pot warmer steam table SP3 form you guys 2 years and the element is breaking. Can you get me a replacement part? I’ve sent an email and Leon was suppose to get back to me and still hasn’t.
[Post by sinal*****5@gmail.com ]
Hello, we will have Leon reach out to you
[Answered on Monday, 11/28/2022]
I do not have one of your steam tables. I was given a 5 tray steamer with a bad element. You are the only one I find with the shape of element I need. Mine is about 39.25 inches center to center. What is the difference between the c6 c8 and c10 elements? Also do you have a temperature control aquastat as someone just hot wired and bypassed the control? I can not find the manufacture or model as everything written on this machine is in Chinese . Thank you for your help. Steve
[Post by stl***h@yahoo.com ]
we can only offer parts to our own customer.
[Answered on Friday, 07/08/2022]
I have a 4 well steamed table and I need new heating element will the c-6 or c- 8 work
[Post by eliscari********t@yahoo.com ]
C8 or C6 elements are for those models only
[Answered on Thursday, 03/10/2022]
Yes I bought 2 five bay steam tables and my heating elements went out on both of them, I need to buy to more of them. My question is what is the warranty on the elements? and is the C8,and the C10 element the same lenght?
[Post by coachs******n@yahoo.com ]
the elements is not including in the warranty ,because it is vulnerable parts.
[Answered on Thursday, 04/22/2021]
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