50 Type Coffee Bean Roaster COF50

50 Type Coffee Bean Roaster COF50
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For outdoor use only
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Questions & Answers
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Do you make a 5lb roaster?
[Post by atiks*****7@yahoo.com ]
we dont
[Answered on Monday, 09/19/2022]
Do you have instructions to convert this to natural gas?
[Post by ajh***d@gmail.com ]
No, we currently don't have
[Answered on Tuesday, 12/14/2021]
How many pounds of beans will each model roast at a time?
[Post by coasta******6@gmail.com ]
55 lbs
[Answered on Thursday, 06/24/2021]
Hello, does this machine give roast profiles via a USB or bluetooth connection, or have people installed a bean monitor on it to take roast profiles? Thanks for the help!
[Post by @ ]
Hello, it doesnt
[Answered on Sunday, 01/31/2021]
Another question: 1) What is the BTU output of the gas burner? 2) How long does it take to get a 50 lb. batch up to roasting temp? 3) Is the 100 Model available?
[Post by garyk*****4@gmail.com ]
We will get in touch shortly
[Answered on Monday, 08/31/2020]
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For outdoor use only

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