1.8L coffee brewer glass Body BUNN Coffee Pot Decanter CD-1.8L

1.8L coffee brewer glass Body BUNN Coffee Pot Decanter   CD-1.8L
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  • For under 50 miles, CA $125, NJ & NY $200
  • For a range of 51 to 65 miles, CA $169, NJ & NY $244
  • For a range of 66 to 85 miles, CA $219, NJ & NY $294
  • For a range of 86 to 125 miles, CA $281, NJ & NY $356
1. Same-day, next-day, and third-day delivery are available.
2. The prices are for ONE-TIME transportation using a 26FT truck, please contact our sales for more details.
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Still waiting for a call and have tried to call Oscar a few times over the past two weeks about this. I need to make a decision asap now. Please call and answer my questions. Thanks. Toni
[Post by @ ]
We will get in contact
[Answered on Monday, 08/17/2020]
Hi there, Before I buy this, I'd like to see the exact refrigerator that I'm buying. It says that you have 10 of these scratch and dent refrigerators available. Also, what kind of warranty does it carry, and what is the name brand please? It would be coming to Atlanta, GA. The shipping would be $390.00? How long does it take to get here please? This is a certified, commercial refrigerator/freezer, correct? We are a nonprofit 501c3 charity for Veterans. Is there any chance this can be donated or discounted even further? I recognize it is a deep discount now, but through i would ask. We can issue a receipt that you can use to write off on your taxes if so. Thank you, and I look forward to your response. Toni
[Post by @ ]
we call you
[Answered on Thursday, 08/13/2020]
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