Walk-In Cooler Refrigeration System 2.5HP 25000BTU KW-25R32CS

Walk-In Cooler Refrigeration System 2.5HP 25000BTU KW-25R32CS
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How to calculate how much cooling capacity the compressor needsFirst: sealed house (more sealed), se...
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Where does it have a seal that says it is NSF? Health departments will not allow this, if it does not have that seal on it
[Post by mrhon*****1@gmail.com ]
We suggest you go with this one https://www.coolerdepotusa.com/products/details/101356/NSF-walk-in-cooler-condensing-Refrigeration-System-2HP
[Answered on Monday, 04/24/2023]
I know it's NSF certified. But it is a refrigeration system or is it just an typical AC unit? In other words is this just an AC unit to cool down a room or is in an actual Refrigeration unit?
[Post by biggh*****6@gmail.com ]
AC unit
[Answered on Tuesday, 03/14/2023]
What is the difference between this unit which looks like an AC unit at Home Depot that I could buy? Is this just a typical AC unit that I could buy at Home Depot? What is so special about it?
[Post by biggh*****6@gmail.com ]
This is a commercial NSF certified.
[Answered on Tuesday, 03/14/2023]
I have a box of 11 x 7 x 7’ high it’s a regular walk-in cooler will the 25,000 BTU unit work
[Post by southeasterna*************g@gmail.com ]
something bigger
[Answered on Monday, 11/14/2022]
What is the biggest size of square cooler with this keep refrigeration at 35 degrees?
[Post by ideala******s@shaw.ca ]
340 cuft
[Answered on Friday, 06/17/2022]
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How to calculate how much cooling capacity the compressor needs
First: sealed house (more sealed), second: cooling capacity
Walk-in cooler is reduced to 35F(The temperature you need) in 15 minutes

If not, more cooling capacity and more machines need to be added

use for 100-1000 Cubic foot


24 1/8 Inches
Depth26 1/2 Inches
Height18 5/8 Inches
Amps9.3 Amps
Hertz60 Hertz
Phase1 Phase
Voltage225 Volts
Horsepower2.5 HP
Refrigerant TypeR-449a
Temperature Range32-37 Degrees F

indoor or Out door

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