NSF Portable Walk-In Freezer 20 -7.2-H8 FT

NSF Portable Walk-In Freezer 20 -7.2-H8 FT
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Hi, i'm looking for a walk-in freezer that work both as freezer and refrigerator. is nsf portable walk-in freezer 20 -7.2-h8 ft working both? do you guys also provide maintenance services for this product?
[Post by bumj****n@gmail.com ]
We don't have a combo one ,u can buy 2 small one put together
[Answered on Tuesday, 11/28/2023]
The dimensions picture is blurry. what are the dimensions?
[Post by luc***o@mdmexp.com ]
20 ft x 7.2 ft x8 ft
[Answered on Wednesday, 10/11/2023]
Do you have a list for the cooling units that pair with the freezers? are these indoor or outdoor units?
[Post by mike.ch*******g@briwildlife.org ]
[Answered on Thursday, 09/21/2023]
Actually, I do see that this is now just the box itself. The dimensional information is very blurry on the website. Do you have a different document version of the specs for this unit that isn't blurry? Also, what condensing unit would be put on it if you wanted to use it as a freezer? Can this unit and the other size portable one actulaly be used as a freezer efficiently? I ask because the pictures make the wall thickness not seem as thick as what a lot of walk in freezers are built to now days.
[Post by do**t@fhconcessions.com ]
cooling system is separate
[Answered on Wednesday, 02/15/2023]
I am interested in buying this for ice storage, but I would like to see the manual and all the specifications on the unit, so I know what it takes to power it.
[Post by do**t@fhconcessions.com ]
[Answered on Wednesday, 02/15/2023]
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